Friday, January 16, 2009

The pouting posie

I made this little girl last year...she looks a little bit irritated! Maybe it's the dress?


The Vintage Rabbit said...

I love my Posie girl!


Sandra Lee said...

Hi Jennifer! I was so excited to see you visited my blog! And congratulations on yours, now I can keep in touch with you! It has been wonderful being back with the gals at the Loft. Four years flew by and it is so fun to be stitching again! I will have to check out when you have a class...keep me posted. :)

Breathing Beside Us said...

She's darling!! I love her!
Do you make dolls to sell?
I love your blog, and am putting your button up on mine.
So lovely to meet you!
XOXO & Blessings,
Deb Hodge