Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Whenever I have some new flea market treasure,
I gotta make stuff...from last weeks adventure I created a cute little pincushion for my etsy shop. I have to admit I was inspired by Peeps ! Then I moved on to a bunny that I dressed in one of the vintage childs dresses I found. She ended up HUGE!!! But still really cute!
I'm affraid all this work has made my two helpers
really bored!
Sleeping on the job!!!

Guess it's true that it's hard to find good help!!


I named her Rose...

I wanted this little chik to look like a fancy "Peep"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More pink...and flea market finds!

Yes, I'm still at it!
Here's a little sneak of my latest pink project... and some treasures I was able to find at the
Sacramento Flea Market last Sunday...

We got there a little late , darn time change!!!
Sometimes late can mean good deals though... I was a happy camper!


Here is a ring bearer pillow I'm working on for Etsy...

Ava gardner paper cool is this?

Look at the cute sewing basket and hat !

Best part was it was full of goodies!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not sure if it's Spring fever but I can't seem to get enough pink these days!!!
It's all around me...
Everything I've made has been in pink! I've been wearing pink! I've even been really into pomogranite tea!!
Makes me happy...that much I know for sure!

Have a wonderful weekend!


A very pink post !!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Creations from the heart...

When I started my blog I had such a hard time with my tag line. Other blogs I went on seemed so edgy and modern! Not that I'm not modern, but I'm all over the place with my art. I just can't seem to do just one thing. How should I describe myself??
That's how I came up with " Fanciful Creations from the Heart". It suits how I feel about what I do.

This leads me to my latest . I started doing some wedding designs last year incorporating vintage hats,glassware,etc.
My latest order is my all time favorite...thought I'd share!

The bride I worked with wanted a vintage chic feel...champagne, light pink,ivory, pearls and sparkle.
I couldn't wait to get started!!!
The cake topper is by far my favorite piece I've done...the base is a vintage Ivory satin hat.
I built up from there.
She wanted a flower girl basket to go with so I used the same flowers but tried not to be too much the same...I had sooooo much fun!!!

Have a grand weekend everyone !!!


My favorite!!

Here's the flower girl basket !