Monday, November 23, 2009


I wish I could be sharing some wonderful photos of all the things I've made, but that's just not to be...this time!
Just a quick up-date on my life.
The husband is back at work and doing well !
Me, now I'm recovering.
My goal this week is to get back on track. To get comfortable in my studio and start working!
The ideas flow, but getting the hands to cooperate is the hard part!!

I'm ending this year with a new appreciation for my life.

Thanksgiving and Christmas will have more meaning than ever before.
I guess things happen for a reason.
I wish my husband never would of had to go through this health scare, but if it makes us slow down a bit and enjoy the little moments that will be a really good thing.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thankfull !!

Even though Thanksgiving is next week, I'm feeling very thankful right now !
I was able to bring my dear husband home from the hospital...

You see he just went in for a routine procedure as part of his yearly physical. There were some unexpected complications. 3 units of blood later and a stay in the ICU he's is now home and on the mend.

My last post was all about being published in the Art Doll magazine. I'm still really proud, but after seeing the one I love go through such an unexpected and scary ordeal... well, you know!

Happy to report we're home, and looking forward to a nice quiet Thanksgiving with our two fur kids Molly and William.

Love to you all!!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm Published !!

Boy, do I have big news ! I'm in the Winter issue of Art Doll Quarterly!!
My little Mermaid doll is in some pretty big company ! This is such an honor for me.

Elanor Roosevelt said " The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

My friends believe in my dreams...this helps soooo much!

I want to thank Laura Della Porta for always being so supportive!
And of course Joy Gabler... you are the best ever! Thank you for always inspiring, and most of all listening!
Well, you'd think I just won an Academy Award, but that's what I feel like!
Today is a very good day.


Here I am in print !!