Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A blast from the past!!

Happy New Year!
January has many least for me. I hate how tight my clothes feel (too many Christmas cookies), the weather typically is pretty cold and depressing and putting away all those decorations!
This year was a little different. While trying to squeeze all my ornament boxes into the closet I ran accross a treasure that I'd forgotten
all about.
My Mom and I made this together on summer...decoupage was all the rage at the time!
I carefully selected pictures from my Tigerbeat magazines and was truely proud of the end result, Since it was totally impossible to decide between David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman or Donny Osmond I used the all!!
I'm so glad I found my old friend after all these years!

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The Vintage Rabbit said...

It's so adorable! The picture looks great!! Welcome back to bloglandia!