Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some new things and something to think about

When I started my blog a couple of years ago I never wanted to go political in any way.
The game has changed.
The library is in danger...
Programs are being cut in every state...problem is that nobody is asking the kids that will be loosers from all of this how they feel about it?!
What's wrong with that? Alot.
Shouldn't the future of America have a say in the next round of "stuff" ???
I'm sorry, kind of all over the place with this little rant but but I feel in my soul we are good people. What got us here is some good stock.
In our core, Republican or Democrate our forfathers wanted us to make a good life.
Lets keep in mind what is "right" for the people..and try to achieve that.


Oh La la !!!

Sleeping on the job !!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A sunny day !

After what has seemed like a lifetime of "grey days" we had some sun!!!

The puppy and I were sooooo happy! Oliver had a busy day of sunbathing, running around on the lawn and working very hard on his " hole to China" project !

He's getting cuter...and more pudgy every day!
As for me, it's a bit of a challenge getting everything done that I'd like's worth it though!

Like I said in a earlier post...

Happiness is a warm puppy !!


More pretty things on the way, I promise!!!

Here's his "construction site"...a hole to China!!!

The baby is getting bigger!

Friday, January 7, 2011

January 8, 1983

Tommorow is going to be my wedding anniversay...28 years!!!

It's funny. I can remember the day in so much detail !
I'm so proud of this milstone...pretty rare these days.

Have a great weekend !!



Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011 !!

Happy New Year to all !

It seems like the holidays go by faster and faster. I'm sitting here surounded by boxes of decorations that need to be put away. Seems like I just put everything up?! What gives with that?!

I got to admit, I'm looking forward to getting back into my routine. Starting new projects and trying to bring to life all the creations rattling around in my brain.

We ended 2010 with a trip to the ice rink...very fun until a super cute little girl and I crashed.
She was fine...I was face first on the ice ! Lol !! I thought it was a very appropriate way to end 2010 !!!


Lets all hope that 2011 will be

Gliding into the new year...well, sort of !

Christmas morning...

I thought this was so cute!
Th toys didn't last very long, but they sure had a great time !