Friday, March 30, 2012

Cute-ness !

Just finished this little darling with some great vintage finds I got from the flea market a couple of weeks's a pincushion, or?


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The journey of a pillow

My little story all starts with these little butterflies and rose I had made. I figured with they would make  darling hair clips or pins.
I was out of clips and pin backs so they ended up on the craft table.

The one thing I've learned is when I start a project the end result is seldom what I had intended...and being surrounded by gifts I've been given, treasures and bits and pieces is so important to the "process".

In this case a little tissue paper flower from Tulsa helped me create what I think is one of my best wedding designs ever. 



I started this ring bearer pillow about a week ago. Wedding does well in my Etsy shop and so I thought a simple /understated design would be a nice touch...I had some vintage lace on hand and thought hat would make a pretty piece...but as hard as I try "simple" is just now me! So I ended up staring at this everyday. It needed more.

I have this thing about having more than a couple of projects going at once. I had to figure out a was driving me nuts!
I just felt stuck. The pillow needed something. This little paper flower my cousin had made kept drawing me in...this flower always looked like it should be in the middle of a frame or ?

 Then it came to me to me !

Instead of making a pin with butterflies and rose they'd look great on the pillow. 
Then it all came together ! 

Finished !

Here's the finished pillow! I really loved how it turned out...


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

While Oliver was napping...

Oliver decided to take a little nap, so I was able to finish a couple of projects! He doesn't approve of me spending too much time in the craft room, That sweet little face can give some mean "skunk-eye" when he wants to! 
Here are a couple of new goodies...a little Spring Bunny and my Beach Angel. Enjoy!!!!


A new little Bunny!

Who doesn't love an up-do?

My Beach Angel...with her little friend!