Sunday, January 25, 2009

Old Town Folsom

This is Old Folsom california...Whenever you find yourself in Northern california, try to stop by this adorable little town! When I first moved here from Southern california, all I could think was Folsom Prison...who knew?! It's maybe 2 blocks long...and the buildings are the real deal.
It's kind of a mish-mash of styles. But if you really pay attention, there are some gems here. Detailed tile work, wood that has been through the best and worst of times! What I like the most about this little town is that there is a pride about the people that run the little shops here. They seem to really love what they do...
You'll find everything from a really great candy /ice cream store called Snooks to gallerys selling art from around the world. Me being me, well I like the shabby-funky-artsy-crafty kind of stores. There are quit a few of these.
Anyway, this is where I spent last friday. I needed a jump start for my year...inspiration!


Joy said...

So adorable!! Someday (soon I hope!)I be walking them streets with you!!



Oh I love this deserve to be surrounded by many roses!!!xooxo Laura