Saturday, August 15, 2009

Blog Benefits!!

The last thing I thought about when i started
blogging was that I'd make friends...
the whole world of the internet seemed a bit
scarry to me!
I was one of those gals that was pretty proud
to say they were computer free!!
Well...I've changed and I'm glad!
This has opened doors for me, opened my mind, and yes, I've made some friends in the process!
One in particular...and most dear is Laura.
She is known to you all as Verbena Nested Treasures.
She was the first to notice my work and support
my little business...and me!
The other day, I got the most dear little care package from her...
a couple of flower broaches and some rosebud salve...perfect since I told her I am always biting
my lips!
It was sooooo nice and out of the blue!

I'm so happy to have joined this wonderful sisterhood of creative women...
Thanks Laura!!!! I LOVE my treasures!!!!



Joy @ The Vintage Rabbit said...

How sweet and Thought full Of Laura!!!


laura dellaporta said...

Not only are you so special, sweet, creative & funny I am blessed to have connected with you my friend. Thank Joy too for the connection~~~
enjoy you gifts you deserve so much.
xoox laura

Michelle said...

I'm glad you joined too. :) That was so sweet of Laura! You are such a shows through your art and writing. Glad to have met you!!