Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Room with a View !

There's the saying " stop and smell the roses".
Well I have a new one..." stop and look out the window "... I've been working pretty hard trying to design some new fact my dogs are not very happy with their Mom! Too much work and not enough playtime!
I had been holding off getting the mail because of all the rain...then it stopped. I looked out my window, and there was the most beauitiful tree ever! Kind of like a beauitiful woman in a ballgown... Spring is on its way!!



The Tattered House said...

Such a beautiful picture Jen. It was really great meeting you today. Can't wait to see more creations. Birds are my favs.


The Vintage Rabbit said...

Beautiful yard you us more!


Acorn Cottage said...

Such a lovely picture. I am so anxious for springtime! Love your mermaids, they are adorable!

Michelle said...

Jen is that your yard? Is that your view? I'm jealous! How beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

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