Thursday, February 19, 2009

Inspiration comes in many ways!!

While I was fixing my lunch the other day, the mermaid on the tuna can caught my eye. I'd been toying with the idea of a collage/three dimension/doll thing... so I started tearing apart my studio, spilling glitter,stumbling over my dogs, etc.
Found a 9x12 canvas and off I went!!
It was so's one thing to design a doll. But when you create a scene, tell a story it adds so much.



Jacque said...

I wanted to stop by and say Hello, I am friends with Sandy & Erica at Tattered House and saw your blog listed on their favorites. I enjoyed your post and I will check back often, try to stop by and visit me too! Jacque

Michelle said...

Oh Jen, I LOVE HER!!! I love the background you did and I really love the dress she has on. :) You are so creative. I am feeling much better. Thanks so much for stopping by to see how I was doing. Whatever that was I NEVER want it again. I seriously coughed so hard and so much I think I cracked a rib. UGH.

Michelle said...

Hi Jen!

You are very welcome for the award! It's so easy to post it....just right click on the picture of the award and save to your desktop and then upload it in your post just like any other picture. How easy is that? ;) You don't have to nominate can either just accept the award or tell everyone it's an open award as well! :)

Enjoy and glad I discovered you!