Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Finders Keepers!

I designed this mermaid last year...my friend Laura named her Fey ( after the hurricane ).
This years version is a bit more glamorous!
I found the little blue necklace she's holding at a flea market...I thought it looked like the one from the movie Titantic.
I loved the movie, but seeing beauitiful jewlery go into the sea was hard to take! So...I thought wouldn't it be nice if a lovely mermaid found it?
Finders keepers!!
From the top of her hair to the tip of her tail she's 17"
If you're interested in Fey, please feel free to e-mail me at jsncrafts@surewest.net
I accecpt paypal


Michelle said...

She is absolutely beautiful, Jen!


I love Fay & all your amazing creations..she is my favorite..and you!!! xoxoo Laura