Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happiness is a warm puppy

For those of you that aren't into dogs, my blog may be a bit dull for a while.
I'm deep into puppy training at the moment...couldn't be happier!!!

I've got some cool designs in the works, but nothing to show just yet.
Stay tuned!!!

Potty training is going great, but my little monster is now 11.3 pounds!!!
45% bigger than his last check up!!

He out grew the baby bed, so off to the doggy store I went to get a "big boy" bed...
Oliver wasn't so sure about it, so he took bikini chicken with him to test out this new piece of furniture.
We have kept baby bed as a lounging sofa, but the new bed seems to be working out...

I must say...this has been the best decision ever. This little bundle of doggy love has brought so many laughs to our home.
Charles Schultz was so right..." happiness is a warm puppy"



Holly Loves Art said...

Such a handsome pup! I love his spots. Such a cutie pie. I am happy that you are HAPPY with your new sweetie. Keep sharing. I love seeing the pictures!

LuLu Kellogg said...

More pictures please!


Lisa Loria said...

I Agree!!!
Happiness is a warm puppy & Puppy Breath!
Yea, I am weird.