Wednesday, November 17, 2010

At least it looks like Fall !

It's been pretty warm here. Not usual for this time of year...but at least it looks like fall!

Yesterday I was going out to check the mail and saw all the leaves...hmmm. Oliver would LOVE this!
So I asked him if he'd like to go for a romp and he said yes, of course! ( He wasn't very busy at the time...just playing with his stuffed bunny!)

So out we went!

The leaves were the same color as his spots! Soooo cute!

It doesn't take much to entertain him!



Lenae May said...

Hi Jen!

Thanks for dropping by my blog and your encouraging words! You have a lovely eye for your work...I dropped into your ETSY...charming things!

Take good care and be sure to sign up for my newsletter for up coming FREE give will be vintage clock face ornaments for the holidays!
Lenae :)

laura said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friend.. lost all my email address after my move so I am leaving love & hug here. Hope you are well... Love Oliver.. that was my old dogs name. xo Laura