Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A sunny day !

After what has seemed like a lifetime of "grey days" we had some sun!!!

The puppy and I were sooooo happy! Oliver had a busy day of sunbathing, running around on the lawn and working very hard on his " hole to China" project !

He's getting cuter...and more pudgy every day!
As for me, it's a bit of a challenge getting everything done that I'd like to...it's worth it though!

Like I said in a earlier post...

Happiness is a warm puppy !!


More pretty things on the way, I promise!!!

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Holly Loves Art said...

Happiness is INDEED a warm puppy! I can't tell you how Phoebe has changed my life. I am so happy. And it seems that your sweet boy Oliver is doing th same for you! I laughed out loud over him working on his China project! That is just too cute!

I have been addicted to Animal Planet and the Learning Channel and have been having marathons of watching "It's Me or the Dog" and "The Dog Whisperer" and both have helped me so much. I always thought I was a really good dog owner and well educated in the training area but there was so much more new things to learn! It's been a great process while I work towards having a well balanced, happy doggie. Phoebe is so smart so it's been easy for the most part.

Hope you're having a great week.