Friday, August 13, 2010

I'm overJOYED !!

My friend Joy...The Vintage Rabbit has just been published
in Somerset home !! I'm so thrilled for her!
Not only is she talented, she's a really dear person!!

I'll be forever gratedul to Joy...she helped me " re-discover"
my creative side. When I moved away from my home town
several years ago the creative juices weren't flowing like
they once had. I missed my old life.
Then one day, Joy and I reconnected by thing
led to another and now here I am blogging...doing Etsy...
and I've been published.
She encouraged me...patiently!!
So you see, this is why I'm so happy for my friend...
there isn't a more deserving person!!



The Vintage Rabbit said...

Ahhh...How Sweet Jennifer!! Thank you for that! Thank you for always being there to encourage me and inspire me, when I have my "lack of Creativity" moments! You are an Inspiration to me!!
You are a GEM of a friend!! I am so "OverJOYed" we reconnected after you left town!

laura said...

Late bloomer blogger here! Joy certainly deserves this long over due her sweet whimsy creations. xoxooxLaura