Monday, August 2, 2010

Huge News!!!

I've been keeping a secret for a really long time!
It's finally safe to tell...I'm in Better Homes and Gardens
Holiday Crafts issue!!

What an honor to be in a magazine with so much history.
It's such a part of American life.

The whole experience was great...and what fabulous photos!!

It's on the stands and will be until December 28th!!
( I'm on page 44)



Kim Caldwell said...

Hey Jenn. . . Make sure to check out your shout out from Karla Nathan on her blog ~ She won your beautiful mermaid. . .


LuLu Kellogg said...

YAY!! Congratulations Jen!! I am so proud of you!!


RustyClover said...

Omg that is soo exciting!!!! Congratulations....cant wait to get the magizine!!! Katy

Holly Loves Art said...

EEEEeeek! I was just going to email you and tell you that I bought the magazine tonight and was looking through it AND THERE YOU WERE! Congrats!!! How exciting!

I was also going to tell you that karla won your darling mermaid doll and she mentioned it on her blog but I see that Miss kim has beat me to it. Everyone loved your doll!