Thursday, July 29, 2010

Doggy Couture

This is elderly shelter dog that's
living in a "designer Dog" world!
I got frustrated with the selection of doggy scarfs
available in the stores...they were too small for her!

We started creating our own. It makes her happy.
After seeing Martha Stewart on The View
promoting her new doggy line, I thought I'd try
the same thing on Etsy.

After many dog cookies, Molly said yes to
modeling my latest creation.

Vintage isn't just for humans!



Holly Loves Art said...

I love it! Albie has lots of doggie fashions too... it's a little more challenging with boy dogs!
Have a great weekend.

The Vintage Rabbit said...

I love your creation!!!! These will be a hit on Etsy!!

Molly makes the PERFECT model!! how sweet is she friend!!!