Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Going full circle

I was thinking how fabric to those of us that love to create is like a blank canvas.
Those lucky artists that design fabrics...that's really starting from the beginning!!!
In my last post I mentioned how I was struggling with a massive pile of "half-dones" and "hmm...what should this be?".

Glad to say a new bunny is born! My latest in a long series...designing bunnys keeps me sane!
She's very fashionable in ruffles,pom poms and vintage finds.

My inspiration for this new addition is a cross between Dancing with the Stars, and one of those square dancers you see at the county fairs!!


Did anyone understand the last Lost episode??
I'm so confused!!

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Holly Loves Art said...

Hi Jen,
Your latest bunny is so gorgeous! You really know how to bring them to life!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Mom and I didn't make it to Snooks. There were so many other places that folks told us about that we didn't get to. We decided "next year!" Can't wait!

I keep forgetting to ask if you're coming to Les Sirenes in July. Kim will be closing registration soon - I wouldn't want you miss it if you want to come meet all of us and have a ball!

Hope you're having a great weekend.