Friday, May 14, 2010

The girls of the sea...

I thought I'd try my hand doing more of a " art doll" version of my mermaid design.
It is mermaid season after all!!
Painting is so relaxing and I love the option for change it brought to the little gals!
These three will be a part of a series I'll be putting in my ETSY shop soon...
the one on the seahorse is my favorite!!



Karen from A`Musements said...

Hello Jennifer!!! The latest add to Etsy... The Girls of the Sea... is fabulous! Glad you decided to TAKE THE PLUNGE! (Sorry, couldn't resist the bad pun)
It's always fun to see what you have created and be inspired by your work. Hope you have a great weekend, my sweet friend!

laura said...

oh I received my flower pin today it made me happy.. your energy was in the your new girls the hair color is to dye for!!! miss you xoxo laura