Thursday, September 15, 2011

Keeping my word!

I said I'd be showing a couple more they are! In my early crafty-smafty days I did dolls. Just dolls. I've since moved on to a lot more variety mainly because these days it's nice to have things available that have a purpose. More useful. Doesn't mean I don't still love doll making. I've really missed here is my folksy Witch. Faces are always a challenge. I wanted her to have pretty eyes (not evil) and a semi-evil mouth. I'm very happy how it all turned out. The rooster feathers I used for hair are from Bass Pro Shop ! Great selection of feathers and stuff there! And in addition to the witchy-poo I stitched another owl to add to my little owl family. Filled this one with lavender!

Hope all is well out there in Blog-landia!


1 comment:

laura said...

hello dear friend stopped by to send you some love.. love your dolls! Love the owl.Love your side bar fabric design & love you!!!!
xo me