Friday, March 4, 2011

Creations from the heart...

When I started my blog I had such a hard time with my tag line. Other blogs I went on seemed so edgy and modern! Not that I'm not modern, but I'm all over the place with my art. I just can't seem to do just one thing. How should I describe myself??
That's how I came up with " Fanciful Creations from the Heart". It suits how I feel about what I do.

This leads me to my latest . I started doing some wedding designs last year incorporating vintage hats,glassware,etc.
My latest order is my all time favorite...thought I'd share!

The bride I worked with wanted a vintage chic feel...champagne, light pink,ivory, pearls and sparkle.
I couldn't wait to get started!!!
The cake topper is by far my favorite piece I've done...the base is a vintage Ivory satin hat.
I built up from there.
She wanted a flower girl basket to go with so I used the same flowers but tried not to be too much the same...I had sooooo much fun!!!

Have a grand weekend everyone !!!


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