Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life at 50...

Well, life at 50 feels like life at 49. My Mom always said that's how it was!
I had a really good time the past 2 weeks. My friends up here in Northern California joined me on The Napa Wine Train. Sorry no pictures ! We were all too busy celebrating!!
Next, my husband took me to my favorite place on the planet...Disneyland!!!!
It was a great time ! We were able to go to Jay Leno (with a pit stop at Bobs for burgers).
Disney was great. A little hot...but the Disneyland Hotels pool was perfect!

Now that the candles are blown out and the 2 week party is over I guess I'd better get back to work...I have to admit this must be what Cinderella felt like AFTER the ball!!
Stay posted!!
Christmas designs on the way!!



LuLu Kellogg said...

I am still doing the birthday thing here for the rest of the month!! YIPPEE!!!

Disney World in Florida is my fave place in the whole world since that is where my husband proposed...right in front of Cinderella's Castle during the fireworks four years ago :)

I should be working right now but had to stop by and say hi! I am getting ready for a huge show next weekend so I will be back around to visit after then :)


The Vintage Rabbit said...

So glad you had a wonderful Birthday!!! You deserve it my friend...even if It wasn't your 50th!!!
Can't wait to see pics. of the new things you are creating!!


Lisa Loria said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Glad you had a great time!