Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Getting ready for the BIG one !!!

I'm back!! I've been trying to tie up loose ends and finish a
couple of projects that have been staring at me for far too long!!! I have a hard time starting new things when there's unfinished business...must be the Libra in me !! Well, now that I'm on that subject...moi is going to be the big 50 next week...I already got a great gift, you might say from above! I just didn't feel so great. So after feeling really yuk for way too long, I finally went to the doctor...LONG story short, I have to do something very hard...Calm down and stop worrying! I'm actually very grateful for this little reality check. I have so much more to create...My goal is to be "fit and fiddle" for the next 50!!!


This is the birth anouncment my parents sent...a LONG time ago!!!


laura said...

Did you say the big 50!!!!!! Girl you are young!!!!!!! Wish I were there to celebrate with you!!!!!!!!!
Thinking of you can't sleep.

LuLu Kellogg said...

Squeeeeeeeee! Happy Cake Day Jen!!! Mine is October 1! I am always glad to make it another year too ♥


sandra lee said...

50's are GREAT!!!! It means you really are a "grown-up" Ha Ha! Welcome to the 50's Jen, you still look like your 20!!!