Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thankfull !!

Even though Thanksgiving is next week, I'm feeling very thankful right now !
I was able to bring my dear husband home from the hospital...

You see he just went in for a routine procedure as part of his yearly physical. There were some unexpected complications. 3 units of blood later and a stay in the ICU he's is now home and on the mend.

My last post was all about being published in the Art Doll magazine. I'm still really proud, but after seeing the one I love go through such an unexpected and scary ordeal... well, you know!

Happy to report we're home, and looking forward to a nice quiet Thanksgiving with our two fur kids Molly and William.

Love to you all!!



Coastal Sisters said...

Oh my goodness....I had wondered where you had been! I am so glad your husband is back home with you and the fur babies. Take care of him and make sure to take care of yourself too!

Love to you,

The Vintage rabbit said...

So glad to hear all is well!!!

Sometimes a nice quiet Holiday is in order!!!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!

We will be in touch soon I am sure!!!


sandra Lee said...

I am so glad everything is fine with you and your hubby...how scarey. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Jennifer!

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, Jen....I'm so glad things are better with you and especially your hubby! Sorry I haven't visited much...my life has taken over and interrupted my blogging life!

Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving...you guys deserve it after this for sure!