Saturday, October 31, 2009

ten things About Me...

My darling Joy ( The Vintage Rabbit) presented me with this cool award.
The thing is , I've got to tell 10 things about myself that nobody knows.
Hmmm, lets see...

1. I don't eat squash. Hate it!!
2.I won toys from a childrens morning tv show called Hobo Kelly
when I was in 3rd grade.
3. I can (or used to) pogo-stick and twirl a baton at the same time.
4.I'm terrified of reptiles! Even turtles!!In fact if a lizard gets in the
house, I leave!!!!!
5.Can't watch animal movies. They make me cry!
6.I'd give anything to be 5'6"...or taller!!
7.I have a super huge crush on a Formula 1 race car driver from Spain,
Fernando Alonso !
8.Never read War and Peace
9.I don't like to make left turns...not sure why!!
And now the last thing that nobody knows about me is........

10.I don't like my food to touch.
AND I eat one thing at a time...clockwise! I know,

Ok, time to pass this award on...I think all my blog-gals
are deserving, but keeping with my Southern California
friends...Sandra Lee, it's yours!!!!!!



The V-Rabbit said...

so fun to read about your "10 things"....

Lode that you won toys...and I had no idea about your food!!!

The V-Rabbit said...

Sorry....."Love" that you won toys!!!